We are so blessed with all the community support that makes it possible to help so many people. We are making a difference.

It is amazing how the cliché’ of, “A little love and encouragement can go a long way”, is true even when tried in the most difficult of circumstances. As a hospital social worker (previously), I was able to participate in handing out these types of encouragements to those battling cancer in our community, thanks to the wonderful organization of Celebrate Life.

My experiences of distributing the fruits of Celebrate Life’s efforts were numerous- some were meeting material needs while others were used to give lift to the human spirit. I was able to receive a grateful hug after handing gas vouchers to a woman who didn’t have the finances to drive to treatment. I provided a sizeable gift card to a man who could no longer eat solid foods and relied on expensive health drinks to live, due to set backs from his progressing cancer. I was thankful to be able to give a dad battling cancer a card to take his family out for an evening of much needed fun…All because of Celebrate Life.

I wish the entire community involved in this organization could have experienced those moments with me, so that they truly understand that lives are improving because of their efforts. I can’t express to you the blessing of being able to meet a need for someone that was feeling scared and hopeless- to be able to let them know that people care about them and they are not alone. I was beyond fortunate to be the gift giver, when you are the ones doing all of the hard work.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you to Celebrate Life for all you do! And thank you to the community of North Idaho for donating towards such an amazing organization! Please take my word for it, and know that every single dollar spent goes further than you could even expect.

Thank You!
With Gratitude,
Kaitlin Barnhart

Thank you for all your hard work in this much needed service.
We want to express our sincere thanks for being remembered while "battling" cancer. I certainly no longer take my health for granted, and we are firm believers of "living" every day.

I can't find enough good words to describe the gratitude and relief we feel after receiving your gift." This will help us make it to Seattle for specific treatments.
You have given my husband peace. What wonderful blessings you have given us and that you give to others.

Thank you so much for your generous monetary gift. Your wonderful support from Celebrate Life is so great, what a wonderful community we live in!!
Thank you so much for having our carpets cleaned, it is one thing off our plate right now, and it looks so nice. As my husband continues his fight, and we are back and forth to Seattle, a clean house is a lovely thing. Thanks Celebrate Life for the generosity.
Thank you for your thoughtfulness, I cannot wait to get that massage.
Thank you for your generous gift to my benefit. You continue to do beautiful things for those of us suffering with cancer. God bless you for this work.

Thank you for your assistance with my daughter's airfare from Boston. It has been 22 years since I have seen her. It was an awesome visit....thank you so very much.
Thank you so very much for the generous gift. It will help make this very difficult time more bearable....thank you for your thoughts of love and concern.
Celebrate Life, my family and I appreciate your gift certificates for dinner. Once I am feeling better, we will look forward to it.
My family and I would like to thank you for your generous gift. We used it for a family dinner following my mom's memorial. Your kindness in our time of sorrow was comforting.