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The Celebrate Life Story

Simple Gestures. No Strings.  Simply, we offer assistance and enhance the lives of our family, friends, and neighbors affected by cancer in Sandpoint and the surrounding communities.

Celebrate life Fun Run/Walk began in 2004, the vision of a courageous and beautiful young woman, Jenny Meyer, who was diagnosed at age 26 with an aggressive form of breast cancer. Jenny's valiant fight inspired her sister Julie Walkington to make a difference not only for Jenny, but for others in this community with a cancer diagnosis. 
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Our annual fundraising fun run, walk, or ride across Sandopint's scenic Long Bridge is truly a gathering of family, friends, and neighbors doing just that - CELEBRATING LIFE! Besides the trek across the bridge, we also offer a free BBQ, photo booth, Celebrate Life merchandise, and lots of laughter and fun!

Our Fun Run/Walk/Ride is always the second Saturday in August. It is also our sole fundraiser.

Helping in unique & meaningful ways!

  • Medication and medical equipment
  • Grocery, restaurant, gas, coffee, vouchers
  • Housecleaning
  • Firewood
  • Airfare
  • Car Repairs
  • Construction
  • Massages, manicures & pedicures
  • Monetary gifts

This event is organized and implemented solely by our amazing volunteers!

Simple Gestures.  
No Strings.


We never want to say no to anyone!

Because of the ever increasing need for support in our community, we are increasing our fundraising goal as well. Celebrate Life needs your help, so it never has to say no to anyone! OVER $275,000 HAS BEEN PUT BACK INTO OUR COMMUNITY ALREADY!

Funds are distributed via:

  • Bonner General Health's Infusions and Procedures Clinic
  • Bonner General Health's Home Health & Hospice
  • Sandpoint Women's Health
  • Kootenai Cancer Clinic at Bonner General Health
  • Local individual cancer benefits

All monies raised stay within the Sandpoint and surrounding communities.

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